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Adding Members to Your Projects

You can easily add members to your projects in a few simple steps:

1. Access Project Settings

First, click on your created project to open its details. From there, navigate to the "Settings" section.

Access Project Settings

2. Manage Members

In the project settings, locate the "Manage Members" button and click on it.

Manage Members

3. Invite Members

Within the "Manage Members" section, you can invite new members by providing their email address. Additionally, you can assign them either "Admin" or "Editor" access.

Invite Members

4. Grant Access to Multiple People

You can grant access to multiple people simultaneously by entering multiple email addresses and specifying their roles. By clicking on the "+" button.

Grant Access to Multiple People Grant Access to Multiple People2

5. Accepting Project Invitations

You also have the option to accept invitations from others. When you receive an invite notification on your Odin account, simply click the "View" button.

Accept invite

This will direct you to a message box where you can join the project by clicking the "Join" button.


Congratulations! You have successfully added members to your project.